How does your business succeed: Niche markets?.. Cost advantage?.. Innovative products?...

Whatever the strategy, there is always room for more success.  To manage your business, become more responsive to the marketplace and overcome your competitors you need to manage the information your business generates:

  • which of your customer segments and product lines deliver the most profit?
  • are your financial control policies being implemented effectively?
  • do you have a revenue assurance strategy?
  • are you doing all you can to combat fraud?
  • what is the effect on revenue of bottlenecks in Production or service delivery?
  • what do visitors do when they use your website?

  • Do you have a consolidated view of your group of companies?

If you cannot answer these and many other fundamental questions without a series of rituals involving key staff and a dozen Spreadsheets then you probably need a Business Intelligence system. 

Oranz Business Process Analysis


Oranz’s approach to business intelligence (BI) is to view the organisation as a whole, rather than as islands of information based around functional areas such as finance, human resources and operations.  A facilitated business requirements analysis workshop is central to our project methodology, enabling the client to define the information required to manage and develop their business.

This short exercise views the organisation as a series of business process flows that interact with customers, suppliers and stakeholders, and encompasses the balanced scorecard quadrants.


Free Services

Oranz offers free introductory services:

  • FREE on-site seminars to introduce the concepts and benefits of Business Analytics and Enterprise Reporting to your key decision makers

  • FREE proof-of-concept Analytics system for your business.  It is always easier to see exactly how your organisation may benefit from analytics and financial consolidation systems when your own corporate data is brought to life through an Analytics system

Email us at for an information pack and one of our consultants will contact you to discuss our services.


Who is using Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is probably one of the best-kept secrets of large blue chip companies. For example, British Airways were quoted in the UK press as saving an estimated £70million over 10 years thanks to their business intelligence implementation. Companies like British Airways see business intelligence as a strategic imperative and have developed a specific business intelligence strategy that is closely aligned to their overall business strategy. In fact, industry analysts Gartner have predicted that 50% of large companies will have a business intelligence strategy by the end of 2002.

Compelling Business Logic

Increased competition and the mainstream adoption of BI and analytics technologies, notably by Microsoft and Oracle, have resulted in dramatic reductions in software and implementation costs. Oranz welcomes this development.

BI and analytics solutions are now firmly within the reach of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). Indeed the business case for carefully thought out and measured investment is now so compelling that the question has been turned around. Can businesses afford not to invest in these solutions if their competitors are?




The Enterprise Reporting Challenge

The current corporate environment has never been more challenging, with constant acquisitions and divestitures, and ever more stringent financial reporting requirements. With your financials under more scrutiny than ever, it is crucial that your consolidation and reporting process is fast, accurate and flexible. However, with more and more people becoming involved in the budgeting and reporting process, this is proving a real challenge. Consolidating results from foreign entities, and dealing with multiple reporting currencies, make this challenge even greater.

Next Generation Financial Consolidation from Microsoft

Corporations ranging from medium size entities to the largest multi-national corporations require a rapid, cost-effective solution to financial consolidation and group reporting. Only the most flexible consolidation software can cope with this challenge. Microsoft’s Enterprise Reporting (ER) provides the necessary architecture and in-built intelligence to adapt rapidly to changes in your business and group-reporting environment.




Visit the ER website.




Competitive Advantage

“The average analytics project implemented within businesses today is delivering a return on investment of 431% over five years. More than half of the implementations studied - 63% - delivered that payback in two years or less. That's a staggering return for a tech project... ”


Business Performance Management

“Enterprises that integrate their business intelligence applications into an overall corporate performance management suite will be better able to identify the areas of their business that are performing well and those that aren't”.